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More about NLP. . .

God has made us fearfully, wonderfully, and full well. Part of how He’s done that is to wire our brains with an amazing capacity to continue to grow and change, even into adulthood. This is neuroplasticity and what it means in a nutshell is that we don’t have to stay stuck:

Change is possible.

The world of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) shows us that the power of our minds, our unconscious, and what we are dwelling on in turn affects the state we find ourselves in, and from there, the behaviours and patterns we live out physiologically are manifested. Science is catching up to the Truth that God has been downloading to us through His Word for centuries:


“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2


What NLP allows us to do is utilise techniques to help us learn how to physically and practically change our thinking so that God can renew our minds. It’s positive psychology + truth. You may well have heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’. But as God’s kids, we know that we’re never striving for perfection, but progress. In the world of NLP, I like to say “Practice makes Pathways.” We’re all on a journey, and concentrated repetition will help us take our thoughts captive, and in turn, see our minds renewed. 

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