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Cling On Tight

I have the cutest visual aid living in my house at the moment. Following me wherever I go and literally clinging to me, my new shadow goes by the name of Binx and I love him.

When he was in the wilderness, David said of the Lord, “My soul clings to you; your right hand takes hold of me” (Psalm 63:8). I’m in my own wilderness season right now and I need to take all the lessons on clinging I can get.

Wilderness seasons are discombobulating (I love that word and take no shame in using it as frequently as possible). They leave you unsure of which direction to travel, where your next meal might be coming from, or how to keep moving forward when your security, significance, self-worth or any other ‘s’ word is shattering.

I’m not where I’d choose to be and let’s face it, no one loves the wilderness. But what I do have a choice in currently is what I’m clinging to.

“Cling” in this verse can also be translated as “follows close” (hello pup), “cleave fast together”, “be joined together”, and “abide fast”. The second I’m out of sight of our wee toy cockapoo he will cry, and do everything within his power to return to my presence. He’s pretty useless (very pretty though) when I’m not around.

Kinda makes me think of another time we’re told to stick close:

“I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5 NASB)

Jesus is pretty clear. We’re gonna be, and feel, pretty useless if we try to go through life independently of Him. We need to starting clinging fast and following close.

My pup only knows to cry and follow me when he’s on the struggle bus these days, but something he’s already assured of is that I will scoop him up and hold him close with my right hand.

God wants to do the same for you and me. He wants to carry you close, hold you tight, and reassure you with His Word as you lean into Him. Just as David experienced, God will hold you up in your wilderness, too.

And the best bit… when we choose to remain, to abide, to cling tight, the promise is that His joy will be made complete in our lives (John 15:11).

So be encouraged. God’s not asking you to be ‘all that’ and have it all together, He’s just asking you to put on your puppy vibes and follow Him. He’ll pick you up.

Let Him carry you.

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