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It started with a little girl being told she had too many words.

And I guess I've not run out yet!

I passionately believe that God’s word will never return to Him empty but will accomplish all that He desires and purposes for it (well, the Bible says it in Isaiah 55:11, so truth, right?!) So when I speak and preach, I’m standing on the fact that it’s the Living Word that’ll do the talking and I get to be a conduit of that.


I get to serve you and then watch as God uses His word to bring life, transformation, growth, and blessing. I love preaching messages that point to Jesus and allow Holy Spirit to grow you before commissioning you to go with confidence into all He's calling you to!

Extract from Baptism service

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“Em evokes contagious passion and joy each time she talks about Jesus. On a stage, every bit of her exudes her love of Christ and His Word, weaving her own stories with His, effectively pulling her audience into her message. If Emily is near, I'm tuning in!” 

Shelley, Texas USA

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