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Wear Your Own Shoes

My daughter has an insanely bad habit of misplacing items. This most recently manifested itself in the form of losing a shoe. Not both shoes, just one shoe. How exactly she managed to go to school with a pair of shoes and only return with one I’m not entirely sure, but there we go. One shoe it was.

Perhaps she was channelling Cinderella.

What’s interesting about the Cinderella story is that there are several girls want to wear Cinderella’s shoes. Many a maiden in the land, not least the evil step-sisters, are desperate to wear that glass slipper. You know the story, whoever gets to wear the shoe gets the happy-ever-after with Prince Charming.

Except, and here’s the thing I’ve been pondering recently, God wants us to wear our own shoes. Because it’s only wearing the shoes that have been perfectly designed for us that we’ll get our happy-ever-afters. Trying to wear, manifest and live into someone else’s story is exhausting and depressing. We need to stop obsessing over someone else’s calling and start asking God about what He wants us to step into.

The game of comparison is not a fun one. When we start to look at others and think that if only we had their wealth, health, relationship, platform, business. . . we lose sight of how uniquely God has created us. Trying to fit into someone else’s shoes will leave you with blisters, calluses and corns. It ain’t pretty, and it’s not a good fit. The only way to happy-ever-after is fiercely following Jesus and staying in close obedience to the call He’s placed on our lives.

Friend, Jesus has a purpose and plan for your life that will fit you perfectly. A purpose that will use the gifts and talents He’s placed inside you that will not only bring you life, but also glorify His name AND be good for others in the process.

Don’t you want that more than trying to squeeze into someone else’s purpose?

Some questions to ask yourself as you reflect on wearing the shoes that God’s made just for you:

  • Have I been looking at someone else’s life and wishing some aspect of their life was mine? If so, take the time to lay it down and apologise to Jesus for that distraction and jealousy.

  • What gifts, skills, or talents, has God given me?

  • What makes me come alive? How can I do that for God’s glory?

  • What would it look like, in this season, to step into the shoes God’s designed for me?

If you want to explore further what God may have in store for you then I’d love nothing more than to go on that journey together and find the shoes that are custom-made for you!

Em 💛

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