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My Brand Story

Why Grow + Go?

God dropped the phrase ‘grow + go’ into my life waaayyy back in 2004 and I believe His desire for His people is to see them grow and go. A couple of years later, I wrote:

God, I want to see your people GROW and then GO. I long to be a part of that process in enabling them to enter into the fullness of Your heart for their lives; to be released, encouraged, spurred on, and to understand more how deep, wide, and oh-so-incredible Your love is for them.

Not much has changed from this decades-old prayer.

And as a Life Coach, I'd love to be part of your growth journey and to encourage you to reach your goals and go on adventure with Jesus!

Why the logo?

My dream and expectation for you is captured in the Em Tyler logo. Let’s break it down: 



My desire is for you to have forward momentum, to keep growing, to mature and grow ‘up’, to accelerate towards all God wants to accomplish in and through you. The logo encompasses an upwards arrow because God promises to illuminate the way and give you direction. He’s good like that. 



There’s a ‘tick’, I want you to have that sense of being in the right place, fully equipped, complete, settled that right here, right now, God’s mighty in You and has good things for you. There is affirmation and positivity over your life because, well: Jesus.



At the centre of it all, the arrow points to, and the tick emerges from, the centre of the cross. Because we will only ever be able to come fully alive and be fully free when we’re centred on Christ.  



When you bring all these things together, there’s a sunburst, movement, and joy. This is the abundant life I believe you and I have been called to. It’s not uniform, it’s not going to look like the person next to you, but it is powerful and good!



Joy, confidence, light and life. When one of my kid’s was less than two he told me that “Jesus is yellow. It’s the brightest colour.” This colour is called “Golden Yellow” and, quite frankly, you are golden. There is gold inside of you waiting to be mined and brought into the open for all the world to see (2 Corinthians 4:7).


Let’s shimmer (not shimmy, although you can do that too) for Jesus!

Image by Drew Beamer

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