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Believe the Best: Taking Thoughts Captive

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Do you ever struggle with your thoughts? Ever felt like the renewed mind the apostle Paul talks about is out of reach? Or wished you knew how to take your thoughts captive? Freedom is possible and I want to help you to walk in it. "Believe the Best" will encourage and equip you to move forward with freedom from negative narratives and tragic thinking that is holding you back from living all in for Jesus. With weekly video teaching, multiple hands-on downloads, and Scripture to ruminate on, we will cover: 🧠 Hello Brain: why neuroplasticity is good news when it comes to renewing our minds and how the biblical practice of gratitude can rewire and change our brains 🧠 Give it a Rest: the impact of living in a stress-filled world and how we need to get back to basics in order to live a life congruent with the Gospel 🧠 Speak Life: learning about metacognition, reframing our thoughts and learning how to believe God's best no matter our circumstances 🧠 Remember Remember: Taking thoughts captive, the scriptural call to remember, the power of celebration and living with a WWJS filter I encourage you to take your time and do the practical activations so you can outwork what you have been learning because the power comes when we both hear and do. On your team, believing that God will do wonderful things in your life as you seek to Believe the Best! Em 💛

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