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My Story continued. . .

After a particularly hard season of being told to get back in the box, stop overreaching and simmer down, I received coaching that transformed my life. The scales fell from my eyes as I discovered more of what God had to say about me, specifically, personally, me. And, with that knowledge, how He wanted me to bring Him glory and serve others.


Going through coaching allowed the truth of what I’d learnt growing up in church to mesh with what was going on in my head. Lies were dispelled, truth was revealed. And since then, I am growing in pursuing the call He’s placed on my life. I am growing in understanding what that looks like practically, and I am in awe that I ‘get’ to use the gifts and skills that bring me most joy and go on this adventure with Him.


I want that for you, too.


These days, you’ll find me on adventure alongside my phenomenally brilliant hubby Dan, ‘Mumming’ to three incredible works of God’s creativity (aka my kids), pastoring and loving my local church, writing in fits and starts, ticking off lists, coaching, leading The Devoted Collective alongside my fabulous co-director Aimée, working on the go, diving into the Word, using my words to bring life and encouragement, and chilling over late-night chats with friends. 

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