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"Discover Your Purpose" is an insightful 8-page PDF download that will guide you on a journey to uncover your purpose in life. It reminds you that you are positioned on purpose and for a purpose, even when it may feel out of reach.

Drawing from the field of positive psychology, this resource explores the dimensions of meaning, including comprehension, purpose, and the Japanese practice of ikigai. Ultimately, it emphasises that true meaning is found in Jesus Christ, who encompasses all aspects of purpose and significance.


Download now to embark on a transformative exploration of your purpose and find alignment with the ultimate source of meaning in your life.

Discover Your Purpose

  • Thank you so much for buying one of my downloads. I pray it will encourage you and be helpful as you seek to work through this topic. 

    Please be aware that purchase of this download is for your personal use only and not to be shared or reproduced in any way. 

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