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Life can often be turbulent, just like the stormy seas that Jesus calmed in the Bible. During emotional storms, we can find comfort and strength by dropping anchor, grounding ourselves in God's truth, and connecting with Jesus. This 16 page PDF workbook will guide you through the positive psychology technique of "dropping anchor" while drawing inspiration from the account of Jesus calming the storm, helping you navigate emotional challenges with faith and peace.


Through a series of reflective questions, visualisations, and prayerful moments, you will explore the story of Jesus calming the storm, drawing strength from His unwavering love and promises. As you delve into the workbook, you'll anchor your soul in God's truth, discovering how to remain steadfast in faith amidst life's uncertainties.

Let "Dropping Anchor with Jesus" lead you on a journey of growth, courage, and unwavering trust in God's plan. Find stability and serenity in His presence, knowing that you are never alone in life's tempestuous seas. Embrace this opportunity to deepen your connection with Jesus, finding peace that transcends all understanding.

Dropping Anchor with Jesus

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