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Discover Unshakeable Foundations in Your Faith

Are you feeling adrift in life's storms?
Do you long for a deeper, more secure connection with God?

This workbook is designed to help you tether your heart to the unchanging, steadfast truths of God's character.


In "Tethered to Truth" you'll explore:

  • Tethering to God's Love: Dive into the depths of God’s unfailing love and learn how it provides a solid foundation for your life.
  • Tethering to God's Promises: Reflect on the powerful promises God has made and see how they can anchor your soul.
  • Tethering to God's Mercy: Understand the transformative power of God’s mercy and how it can guide your interactions with others.
  • Tethering to God's Sovereignty: Find peace in the midst of uncertainty by trusting in God’s sovereign plan.
  • Tethering to God's Immutability: Gain confidence from the unchanging nature of God, knowing He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
  • Tethering to God's Grace: Embrace the sufficiency of God’s grace in your weaknesses and extend that grace to those around you.
  • And more!

Each section includes relevant scripture, thought-provoking reflection questions, and practical action steps to help you establish a firm foundation in your faith.


Equip yourself with the tools to stay anchored in God through every trial and triumph. This workbook is your companion on a journey to discover the security and strength found in a life tethered to Christ.

Tethered to Truth

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