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Psalm 103:2 exhorts us to “Praise the Lord, O my soul, forget not all His benefits.”


This collection, showcasing some of the names of God found in Scripture, is designed to assist you in doing just that.


With over 90 names included, there's no expectation to cover them all. Instead, I encourage you to scan the contents and identify names that resonate with you, prompting a deeper exploration of God's character and how He has revealed Himself to you in the past.


As you spend time marvelling at the depth of our God, I pray it alleviates the pressure to feel like you have to have it ‘all together.’ The call to "forget not all his benefits" goes beyond a casual recollection; it beckons us to engage in deliberate reflection on the multifaceted aspects of God's grace. From forgiveness to healing, redemption to steadfast love—David's words are an invitation to ponder the One whose steadfast love endures forever. The One who will never leave nor forsake us. The One who can be trusted as He has plans for our future that are good and give us hope. 


May you can release all you’re carrying to Him: our same God yesterday, today, and forever.

This is Our God

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