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In our fast-paced world, the concept of the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) stands in stark contrast to the fear of missing out that often pervades our lives. As we explore this idea, it's essential to delve into the roots of contentment, finding solace in simplicity, and the deeper biblical understanding of true satisfaction.

JOMO isn't merely about missing out on events or experiences. It's about finding contentment and joy in the present moment, realising that genuine fulfillment often lies in appreciating what we have rather than yearning for what we don't. 1 Timothy 6:6 reads,

"But godliness with contentment is great gain."

The original word for "contentment" in this verse autarkeia, which signifies a self-sufficiency that isn't based on external circumstances. It reflects a deep inner satisfaction, not reliant on material possessions or worldly desires. We usually think that being independent and self-sufficient isn't good when it comes to living lives of faith and trust. But this sufficiency is used of the Spirit-filled Christian to mean they have all they need within through the indwelling Christ.

Our contentment and joy is found in Jesus.

Our satisfaction and peace is found within - not because we have it all together and are without need, but because the Spirit of the living God dwells within us providing the contentment and joy necessary to be at peace no matter our situations or circumstances.

The verse emphasises that "godliness" combined with this contentment results in "great gain." It underlines that true richness isn't measured by material wealth but by the spiritual wealth found in a life devoted to God and characterised by contentment.

This contentment isn't passivity or complacency; rather, it's an active, intentional state of being. It involves an internal harmony and peace that isn't swayed by external circumstances or societal pressures. The joy of missing out is born from this contentment, enabling individuals to savour the present and live in alignment with our faith.

Contentment allows us to be satisfied in God's provision, understanding that our worth isn't determined by possessions, achievements, or the approval of others. It's a state of inner fulfillment that transcends the temporary pleasures of the world.

In today's culture, bombarded with messages that prompt us to constantly seek more, embracing JOMO becomes a radical choice. It involves intentionally disconnecting from the noise of comparison, embracing the beauty of simplicity, and finding joy in the mundane moments of life.

By aligning ourselves with the wisdom found in 1 Timothy 6:6, we can pursue a life focused on godliness and contentment. It encourages us to seek richness in our relationship with God, finding fulfillment in His presence rather than the temporary attractions of the world.

JOMO, rooted in the biblical principle of contentment, invites us to pause, appreciate the blessings around us, and find joy in missing out on the superficial, transient aspects of life.

May we strive for godliness, embrace contentment, and find true joy in the beautiful simplicity of the present moment, revelling in the richness of a life centred on spiritual abundance through Christ rather than worldly gain.

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